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The Department of Ethnic Studies at UH Mānoa focuses on comparative analyses of racial and ethnic groups, and inequalities among them through the lens of social justice. We take an ʻāina (land)-and ocean-based approach to our four focal areas — migration, social justice, oceanic connections, and engagement. Our research and teaching are interdisciplinary and transnational. As Ethnic Studies scholars, we specialize in race and ethnicity as they intersect with Indigeneity, class, gender, and sexuality in Hawaiʻi, the United States, and Oceania.

Foregrounding civic engagement and service learning, our department fosters thoughtful and compassionate leaders, and stewards of the ʻāina. We train our students to imagine and craft responsible alternatives to local, regional, national, and global problems.

Island Connections deals with local and global issues and their impact on Hawaiiʻs.

ESSA create an open dialogue about culture, identity, and socio-political issues.