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The Center for Oral History (COH), in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, collects, documents, preserves and highlights the recollections of Native Hawaiians and the multi-ethnic people of Hawaiʻi. It produces oral histories and interpretive historical materials about lifeways, key historic events, social movements and Hawaiʻi’s role in the globalizing world, for the widest possible use.

COH was first established in 1976 by the Hawaiʻi State Legislature as a part of the Social Science Research Institute in the College of Social Sciences at UH Mānoa. COH also develops books, articles, podcasts, and videos based on oral histories, serves as a resource center for oral history materials, and trains groups and individuals in oral history research.

We're thrilled! Professor J. Kēhaulani Kauanui, American Studies & Anthropology, Wesleyan University will discuss: “From Identification to Disavowal: Engaging Feminism in the Work of Haunani-Kay Trask” at this Thursday's Brown Bag Biography, 11/14, noon to 1:15 in Kuykendall 410

Watch Dr. Aluli on Long Story Short tonight on PBS Hawaiʻi. We are also interviewing Dr. Aluli for our Kahoʻolawe Aloha ʻĀina Movement oral history project.

PBS Hawai‘i on Twitter

“Dr. Aluli admits his personal mission to restore the health of Kahoʻolawe, and the health of Molokaʻi’s people. Hear more by watching L...

Hear from Mauro Plateros who was recently featured on @hiconversation on a segment discussing the Hanapepe Massacre. Here Plateros recounts the early tensions between Visayan and Ilocano plantation workers during the 1924 strike that led to 16 Filipino laborers being killed.

#Oralhistory results from interactions btw interviewee & interviewer, & intersubjectivities of that relationship. Liz Strong experienced variations of this dynamic over 9 months of pregnancy, which she shares in this post about interviewing while pregnant

The Intersubjectivities of Interviewing and Pregnancy

All oral history interviews result from the interaction between interviewee and interviewer, and the intersubjectivities within that relationship. Ora...

I learned last night that a wonderful, kind soul I was scheduled to interview has passed away. Please collect your family stories now before it’s too late. RIP Mr. DeCabooter #oralhistory

Happy Halloween, spoopy friends! Marion Lee Loy was interviewed about her experiences as a public school teacher in Hawaiʻi. She recounted an encounter with night marchers while teaching at Kohala. 👻 Read more here:

Publish or perish...or #podcast? We know there are many people passionate about history who aren’t researchers. Our interpretive materials enable us to share pivotal moments in #history that our collection can illuminate. Read the director’s column.

OHC Director's Column, October 2019

by Martin Meeker @MartinDMeeker Recording, transcribing, and making oral histories accessible represents only a portion of the work that we do a...

Also in featured is a story on the Hanapepe Massacre with excerpts from an oral history we conducted in 1978. If you missed it yesterday, you can listen here!

The Conversation on Twitter

“If you've ever made it to the House or Senate Chambers at the State Capitol, you likely noticed one of two massive tapestries hanging in either...

2 great talks this Thursday, October 31! "Competing Images of Four Nineteenth Century Native Hawaiian Pastors," Nancy J. Morris, Librarian Emerita at UHM Library, at Noon in Kuykendall 409A and "Translating Palestine," YOUSEF ALJAMAL in Kuykendall 410 from 3-4:15 pm

Applications are due in two weeks! This may be the final round for the north shore field school, so please consider applying! "New narrators, and perhaps some of our previous narrators, have much more to share," as the oral histories wrap up. Donʻt miss this opportunity!

Our oral histories will be featured on HPR today!

1 hugely rewarding thing about #oralhistory: it teaches students how to improve their fundamental communication skills - how to engage and show more empathy with others. This reflective analysis just warms my heart. @OHAnetwork @oralhistreview @OralHistorySoc @BL_OralHistory

It’s #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth! In her @UCBerkeley oral #history, Evangeline Buell, celebrated author, historian & activist, vividly recounts her childhood during WWII, race relations in the East Bay & how her family preserved Filipino culture.

VOW's latest oral history book, Solito, Solita, has been shortlisted for the Juan E. Méndez Book Award for Human Rights in Latin America.

This semester we began our Kahoʻolawe Aloha ʻĀina Movement Oral History Project through support from the Hawai‘inuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge through the Native Hawaiian Education Program No‘eau Grant. Check out this great artwork by Nanea Lum inspired by Kahoʻolawe!

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If you’re running social media for your organization, I highly encourage you to follow these best practices to make the internet a safer…

As we come upon the anniversary of the Hanapepe Massacre, a filmmaker spotlights the ordeal in an upcoming documentary. All this comes as a recent search might have possibly identified a gravesite of linked to the tragedy.

Brown Bag Biography this Thursday, October 24 from 12 Noon to 1:15 in KUYKENDALL 410: “Dearest Lenny: Letters from Japan and the Making of the World Maestro.” Mari Yoshihara, Dept. of American Studies, UH Mānoa Cosponsored by the Departments of American Studies and Music at UHM