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Celebrating Community Knowledge for Social Change

The Center for Oral History (COH), in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, collects, documents, preserves and highlights the recollections of Native Hawaiians and the multi-ethnic people of Hawaiʻi. It produces oral histories and interpretive historical materials about lifeways, key historic events, social movements and Hawaiʻi’s role in the globalizing world, for the widest possible use.

COH was first established in 1976 by the Hawaiʻi State Legislature as a part of the Social Science Research Institute in the College of Social Sciences at UH Mānoa. COH also develops books, articles, podcasts, and videos based on oral histories, serves as a resource center for oral history materials, and trains groups and individuals in oral history research

#CherokeeNation opened a new exhibit at the @SmithsonianNMAI in #WashingtonDC. “A Story of Cherokee Removal” shares the story of removal on the infamous Trail of Tears from the Cherokee perspective. It's on display only through December. Details:

Such an informative & inspiring talk! Dr. Hardy shared his students’s impressive work in #DigitalHistory, explained how he & others helped them produce it, & enthusiastically promoted #DigitalHumanities as the necessary future of academia. We’re doing the same at @OralHistCentre!

Dr. Janis Thiessen on Twitter

“Alex Freund, Director of @OralHistCentre at @uwinnipeg, is introducing Charles Hardy of @WCUofPA, the Bonnycastle lecturer. Hardy will be speak...

Home from #oha2018 and excited to find the new issue of @oralhistreview in my box, including this piece by Portelli:

#OTD in 1994 former #COPH director and @CSUF_History professor, Art Hansen interviewed Ben Kuroki. A Nisei from Nebraska, Kuroki talked about being one of the first Japanese Americans to enlist in the Air Force, & going on to serve in 58 combat missions during #WWII

NEW 👉🏾 “I remember that we were walking into that building where the school board met and looking up the barrel of a Texas Ranger’s rifle. They were on the roof with guns pointed down at us." MORE:
#VocesProject #OralHistory

#OTD in 2007 Lowell Benton was interviewed by @CSUF_History graduate, Janet Tanner, for the El Toro MCAS #OralHistory project. Benton, shown here with wife Billie, shared memories of Pearl Harbor, joining the Army during #WWII, and overseeing farming at El Toro.

The new search interface includes two newsworthy features: first, you can now search the full text of interviews across the entire collection of close to 4000 #oralhistory transcripts. Stories and information previously hidden like needles in a vast haystack are now accessible!

Happy Birthday, Princess Kaʻiulani!

Studio portrait of Princess Victoria Kaʻiulani of Hawaiʻi photographed in San Francisco, 1889. Inscribed "V. Kaiulani" on the front of the photo. Photo by Taber, San Francisco; Bishop Museum Archives (SP 44750).

Takeaways from #OHA2018: listen first, use oral history to teach students life skills, Montreal is breathtaking in autumn, and #OHMS is all.

The boss is working on a presentation and wanted some cool #women #photographs from our Official Personnel Folders (OPFs). We thought they were so cool we should share here, as well! Pictured are #WASP Ellen Gery in leather & #BIA employee Frances Lachapa in full glam.

Calling all #oralhistory friends in #Donegal - don't forget to come along to our FREE networking event on Saturday in Letterkenny! Register here:

Metadata is essential.

If you can’t find a file, does it really exist? Preserve good metadata along with your electronic records.


Hawaiian language course now available on Duolingo

👀 #Kahoolawe workshops focus on sustainability, indigenous science - @uhm_es Professor Davianna McGregor is leading a team of faculty members organizing two workshops on the island. Read more here: #UHinTheCommunity #UHsustainability

👀 Davianna Pōmaika’i McGregor named Center for Oral History director - The center produces oral histories and interpretive historical materials about lifeways, key historic events, social movements & #Hawaii’s role in the globalizing world - #FacesOfManoa