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Celebrating Community Knowledge for Social Change

The Center for Oral History (COH), in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, collects, documents, preserves and highlights the recollections of Native Hawaiians and the multi-ethnic people of Hawaiʻi. It produces oral histories and interpretive historical materials about lifeways, key historic events, social movements and Hawaiʻi’s role in the globalizing world, for the widest possible use.

COH was first established in 1976 by the Hawaiʻi State Legislature as a part of the Social Science Research Institute in the College of Social Sciences at UH Mānoa. COH also develops books, articles, podcasts, and videos based on oral histories, serves as a resource center for oral history materials, and trains groups and individuals in oral history research

See you TODAY at NOON with Mehana Vaughan for "Kaiāulu: Gathering Tides.” It's in Kuykendall 410.

Just wrapped the first meeting of the advisory board for the Obama Presidency Oral History, more confident than ever that we’ve assembled the perfect group of people to guide this project!

If you didn't catch our oral history excerpts live on HPR's "The Conversation" yesterday, you can still listen here:

To mark fifty years of the world’s oldest oral history journal
are publishing a free online issue which includes articles chosen by readers and editors. #oralhistory #twitterstorians

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We are really excited to welcome Mehana Vaughan to Brown Bag Biography this Thursday, 9/19. Join us for "Kaiāulu: Gathering Tides.” See you in Kuykendall 410 from 12 NOON to 1:15

How close to actual #OralHistory is "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War"?

Check out what OHC Director @MartinDMeeker has to say about the practices and boundaries of oral #history.

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Our event is this Thursday! Hope to see you there! #oralhistory

In her new book titled "Speaking of #Feminism: Today's Activists on the Past, Present, and Future of the U.S. Women's Movement", Rachel Seidman presents insights from twenty-five feminist #activists from around the United States through #OralHistory:

Speaking of Feminism | Rachel F. Seidman | University of North Carolina Press

From the Women's Marches to the MeToo movement, it is clear that feminist activism is still alive and well in the twenty-first century. But how does a...

October 17 in #Honolulu: "Does Hawai‘i Welcome Immigrants?" A Zócalo/@DKIInstitute Event. Moderated by @wearehpr's Catherine Cruz.

This #ThrowbackThursday we highlight Ronald J. Grele & his talk titled "The History of Oral History". Dr. Grele is the former director of the Oral History Research Office & past president of @OHMA. Check it out:

@oralhistorynow announces an online course on oral history.

Mark your calendars!

Eduardo Díaz holds a photo of his father, Leno Flores Díaz. “I was a Mexican national, that’s why I was not accepted,” Díaz said. “I felt real strongly that we were fighting enemies that were trying to destroy us. Read Díaz's story here: #Voces20 #WWII

Come and work with us and @OralHistorySoc as an oral history trainer!

We are recruiting up to three experienced oral historians to teach at least five to ten one-day workshops per year. Apply today! (... or until 1 November)

Mary Marshall Clark is the driving force behind the #September11th Oral Histories Project, documenting how 9/11 exists for those who lived through it, as told to her through thousands of hours of #oralhistories. Learn more about her project below:

New York Stories: An Oral Historian Takes on 9/11

In an age of 24-hour news coverage, personal memories can get lost in the noise. It's Mary Marshall Clark's job to turn off the TV and listen.

The Brown Bag Biography series at the Center for Biographical Research starts Thursday, September 12 and runs through December 5. Check out the attached schedule. We hope to see there.

Our event is just two weeks away! No RSVP necessary. #oralhistory

This week #SpeakingtothePast asks the question, "What is Oral History?" We're reading the Intro and Ch. 1 to Donald Ritchie's essential handbook Doing Oral History. We're also reading Sherna Berger Gluck's "Why Do We Call It Oral History?" So y'all what is #OralHistory? 1/2

Join us on Sept. 19 at Windward Community College for our sixth and final installment of our Oral History Podcast & Talk Story series for this year. Listen to excerpts from our Lei Sellers collection and hear from their descendants. #oralhistory