Ethnic Studies Events

Ethnic studies events feature a variety of local, national, and international speakers presenting topics from a diverse range of disciplines. All are welcome.

Fall 2018 events
Date Title Speaker(s)
09/4/18 Building Filipinx Contemporary Dance Toni Pasion - dancer, choreographer, and founder of Manariwa Dance Company; MA in Dance from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
09/06/18 Curating A Decolonial Guide to Hawaiʻi: The Detours Project Vernadette Gonzalez, Associate Professor of American Studies and Director of the Honors Program, UH Manoa
09/06/18 Ethnic Studies Student Association (ESSA) Meeting ESSA Members
09/11/18 The Department of Ethnic Studies Open House Ethnic Studies Faculty
09/12/18 Liquid Futures Hamilton Faris, Head of ICS Research Group and Professor of Art and Art History at UH Manoa; Laurel Mei-Singh, Professor of Ethnic Studies, UH Manoa; Craig Perez, Professor of English at UH Manoa
09/20/18 Where the Body Lands: A Poetic Exploration of 'Home' ariq Luthun, Palestinian-American consultant, community organizer, and Emmy Award-Winning poet
09/21/18 Squatting History: The Power of Oral History (Center for Oral History Relaunch Series) Amy Starecheski, Director of the Oral History MA Program, Columbia University
09/22/18 Oral History: Connecting Past, Present, and Future (Center for Oral History Relaunch Series) Amy Starecheski, Director of the Oral History MA Program, Columbia University
09/25/18 Asian American Hip-Hop Muscial Autobiographies Brian Chung, Professor at Ethnic Studies UH Manoa; Ruben Campos, Graduate Stduent in Anthropology, UH Manoa; Moderated by Roderick Labrador Professor of Ethnic Studies, UH Manoa
10/02/18 Machiavelli and the Ethnic Politics of Hurricane Maria: Colonialism and Negligence in Puerto Rico Anthony Castanha, Lecturer at the Department of Ethnic Studies and University of Puerto Rico
10/11/18 Hawaiʻi Okinawan-Owned Resturant Project: Oral History and Community Archives (Brown Bag Biography 2018) Gene Kaneshiro, last general manager of Columbia Inn and DOE school lunch program manager; Howard Takara, family's resturant worker and transportation planner and engineer
10/19/18 - 10/20/18 (Re)Mapping Indigenous and Settler Geographues in the Pacific Community members, undergraduate and graduate students, and University scholars
11/1/18 Give the Palestinian People the Right to Tell Their Own Stories Yousef AlJamal, Ramzy Baroud, US-Arab Journalist and Palestine Chronicle Editor
11/2/18 The Last Earth and New Horizons in Inter/Nationalism: From Palestine to Hawaiʻi Ramzy Baroud, US-Arab Journalist and Palestine Chronicle Editor; Joy Enomoto, Ali Musleh, ʻIlima Long 
11/3/18 Dinner Reception and Address on "Gaza, BDS, and the Need to Reclaim the Palestinian Narrative" Ramzy Baroud, US-Arab Journalist and Palestine Chronicle Editor
11/3/18 Lā ʻAwa: Kiʻi i ka Pū ʻAwa Hiwa Free ʻAwa tasting, ʻAwa plant giveaways, ʻApu ʻAwa making, ʻOhe Kāpala Workshop, Wai Kō, Live Music, Keiki Activities
11/14/18 Experience Hawaiʻi Life Histories: Survivors of the 1946 Tsunami Lurline Wailana McGregor, writer, filmmaker, producer; Ken Rubin, Professor of Earth Sciences
11/21/18 Liquid Futures Hamilton Faris, Head of ICS Research Group and Professor of Art and Art History at UH Manoa; Laurel Mei-Singh, Professor of Ethnic Studies, UH Manoa; Craig Perez, Professor of English at UH Manoa
11/29/18 Out of State: Documentary on Native Hawaiian Prisoners Shipped to a for-profit Prison in Arizona Department of Ethnic Studies, Ethnic Studies Student Association
12/4/18 Decolonizing Anthropology Workshop Dr. Ty Tengan, Professor in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies; Ruben Campos, Graduate Student in Anthropology and Graduate Assistant in Ethnic Studies; Regina Hilo, Graduate Student in Anthropology, member of ʻOahu's burial council, State Historic Preservation Division
12/7/18 Study Break Listening Party Ethnic Studies Student Association, Black Student Association, Anthropology Undergraduate Student Association
Event Archive
Date Title Speaker(s)
05/10/18 Hawaiʻi ʻ78: Where We Went and Where We Go From Here Gov. John Waiheʻe III, Jocelyn Doane - Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Ilima Long - UH Mānoa Native Hawaiian Student Services
05/10/18 Ethnic Studies Graduation 2018 Graduation ES Majors: Alyssa DeMillo, Courtney Saldania, Erica Khan, Jessica Carpenter, Kim-Hee Wong, Russell Antonio; Graduating ES Certificates: Allyson Matsuoka, Eryn Tinajero, Kristin Fujiyama, Lurline Manalo
05/01/18 The Department of Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Student Colloquium Kanoe Wong, Jessica Carpenter, Camila Nutt, Kathleen Corpuz
04/13/18 ESSA Fundraiser Ruby Ibarra - Filipino American rapper, music producer, and spoken word artist
04/13/18 Providing Direction: Maori Filmmaker Lee Tamahori Tackles Science-Fiction Horror for The Ray Bradbury Theatre Ida Yoshinaga - Lecturer for the Departments of English and Ethnic Studies at UH Mānoa; Alex Mawyer - Assistant Professor in Pacific Island Studies at UH Mānoa
04/12/18 Hawaiʻi ʻ78: Where We Went and Where We Go From Here Gov. John Waiheʻe III, Justice Mike Wilson - Hawaiʻi Supreme Court, Matt Townsend - Sierra Club
04/03/18 Projecting State Violence Marching Against White Supremacy, Noel Kent - Professor in Ethnic Studies at UH Mānoa; Turning Points: South Asian Feminist Responses to Family Violence and Immigration Enforcement, Monsiha Das Gupta - Professor in Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies at UH Mānoa; Visualizing Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies, Ethan Caldwell - Assistant Professor in Ethnic Studies at UH Mānoa 
03/22/18 The Wall of Respect: Public Art and Black Liberation in 1960s Chicago Abdul Alkalimar - Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
03/21/18 F-Word Friday: Daddy Don't Go Student Parents at Mānoa, Student Equity Excellence Diversity, Black Student Association, PAU Violaence, Warriors Against Violence Everywhere, Ethnic Studies Student Association, Student Activity and Program Fee Board
03/21/18 The Little Free Library talks to Librarians: What's it Saying? Kate Williams - Associate Professor at the University of Illinois
03/13/18 Transmediated Gaming: Examining Black Digital Praxis Across Platforms Dr. Kishonna Gray - Assistant Professor at Arizona State University and Faculty Associate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University
03/08/18 The Poverty of Privacy Rights Dr. Khiara Bridges - Professor of Law and Anthropology, Boston University College of Law
02/28/18 Whose Streets? A Documentary About Ferguson Ethnic Studies Student Association, the University Students of Urban & Regional Planning, and the Black Student Association
02/22/18 "Get Out" by Jordan Peele: Film Screening and Panel Discussion Dr. Courtney Patterson-Faye
02/22/18 Black and Momona: What Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Have To Do With Fatness Dr. Courtney Patterson-Faye
02/14/18 Return of the Golden Rule: Historic Anti-Nuclear Sailboat Gerry Condon, National President of Veterans for Peace
11/30/17 Day of Solidarity Special Guest Performers: Aztec Dancers
11/30/17 More Than a Word Dustin Tahmahkera
11/28/17 Answering the Call: The American Struggle for the Right to Vote John Witeck
11/16/17 American Tutelage Gone Awry: Antonio Taguba, Filipino Americanism, and the Critique of Torture Kim Compoc, PhD, a lecturer in the departments of English and Ethnic Studies at UH Mānoa
11/14/17 Raced to Death: Racial Injustice in 1920s Hawaiʻi Jonathan Okamura, PhD, Professor of Ethnic Studies at UH Mānoa
11/9/17 Fort Kamehameha Returns: Soldiering and Memory in US Empire Ty P. Kawika Tengan, PhD, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies and Antrhopology at UH Mānoa
11/8/17 Unsettling Settler Colonialism: Settler Solidarities With Indigenous Nations Jeff Corntassel from the Tsalagi/Cherokee Nation and N. Bruce Duthu from the United Houma Nation
11/4/17 Lā ʻAwa: Kiʻi i ka Pū ʻAwa Hiwa Special Guests: Danny Bishop, Kawika Winters, Waiwai Collective, and Dalani Tanahy
11/1/17 - 11/3/17 Inter/Nationalism: Three Days with Steven Salaita in Honolulu Steven Salaita, an American scholar, author, and public speaker
10/24/17 Indigenous Oceanic Futures: Challenging Settler Colonialisms & Militarization Noelani Goodyear Ka'ōpua
10/13/17 Filipino Food Movement Chera Amlag and Prometheus Brown from Seattle's Hood Famous Bakeshop and Food and Sh*t, and Bambu of Oakland's and Watt's LocoL
10/12/17 Family Ingredients: Screening and Panel Ty Sanga, filmmaker and graduate of The Department of Ethnic Studies at UH Mānoa; Ed Kenney, successful restaurateur and PBS documentary host; Sheldon Simeon, finalist on season 10 of Top Chef (Bravo TV)
10/12/17 Hip Hop, Politics, Filipino Identity Prometheus Brown, also known as Geologic of the Blue Scholars, and Bambu, solo artist and formerly of Native Guns, who also make up the rap duo, The Bar
10/6/17 BSA & ESSA Around the Kānoa: Race, Sports, Politics Black Student Association and Ethnic Studies Student Association
9/13/17 - 9/15/17 Art and the Power of Community Eden Jequinto of the Oaklandʻs Eastside Arts Alliance: Guerrilla Theatre and Youth Leadership Programs, and Mariella Saba of Los Angeles Community Action Network
9/8/17 The Department of Ethnic Studies Open House Open event
8/31/17 Ethnic Studies Student Association Introductory Meeting Ethnic Studies Student Association
04/11/17 Department of Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Student Colloquium II Kelsey Kato, Iñuuraq Evans, Demetrius Reed Tellez, Julian Glenn, Nathan Kawanishi
03/23/17 We Gon' Be Alright: Race and the Politics of Identity in the Era of Trump and Resegregation Jeff Chang, Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity in the Arts, Stanford University
03/22/17 Organizing with Love in the Age of Anger Ai-Jen Poo, Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Co-Director of Caring Across Generations, Spring 2017 Dan and Maggie Inouye Distinguished Chair in Democratic Ideals
03/18/17 Assessment and Transformative Collaboration in Sustainability Education Albie Miles, Daven Chang, Patricia Amaral Buskirk, Stephen Carroll, Thomas Wood, Ulla Hasager, Wendy Kuntz, Mike Ross, Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua, Anianikū Chong, Jaclyn Lindo, Tom Wood, and Robert Franco
03/16/17 What Is Your Kuleana? Guest Speaker: Kaleikoa Kaʻeo, Student Speakers: Aina Iglesias, Lisa Grandinetti, Erica Khan
03/14/17 Department of Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Student Colloquium I Patrick Castro, Alyssa Demello, Aina Iglesias, Lisa Grandinetti, Jaynie Stone
03/09/17 The Art of Writing Comics Marjorie Liu, New York Times Bestselling Author
03/09/17 I Will Build A Great Wall: Notes On Borders, Immigrants and the Future in the Age of Trump Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize Winner, New York Times Bestselling Author
03/08/17 Junot Díazʻs Public Reading and Reception Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize Winner, New York Times Bestselling Author
03/07/17 Be Fearless: Writing about Race, Sexuality, and Feminism Marjorie Liu, New York Times Bestselling Author
02/28/17 Africa is in the Pacific: Black Colonization to Hawaiʻi and the Philippines, 1835-1964 Guy Emerson Mount, Coordinator of the U.S. History Workshop, PhD candidate, University of Chicago
02/21/17 Blackness at the Margins of Empire: African American Soldiers in Okinawa: The Colonized-Colonizer Paradox and African American Soldier-Okinawan Relations Ethan Caldwell, PhD candidate, Department of African American Studies at Northwestern University, Lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
02/04/17 - 02/17/17 Honolulu Museum of Art's African American Film Festival Community Event
01/16/17 Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade Community Event
11/29/16 Competing Masculinities: Negotiating Race through Comparative Racializations Stanley Thangaraj, The City College of New York
11/28/16 Asian American Sporting Cultures Christina Chin, Cal State Fullerton and Stanely Thangaraj, City College of New York
11/18/16 Ban the Bomb: Atomic Bomb Survivors Hibakusha, Atomic Bomb Survivors: Fukahori Johji (Nagasaki), Fukahori Toshiko (Nagasaki), Morikawa Takaaki (Hiroshima), Tagawa Toyoko (Nagasaki), Sakashita Noriko (Hiroshima)
11/17/16 Justice in Hawaiʻi Community Discussion
11/17/16 Open Bethlehem Film by Leila Sansour; Post-screening discussion with Ibrahim Aoude, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa and Ali Musleh, doctoral student in Future Studies, UH Mānoa
11/17/16 Stand with Standing Rock Community Event
11/16/16 Pacific People's Cultural Exchange Public Event with Food, Crafts, Music and more!
11/10/16 YOX: Year of the Ox Lyricks and JL, Hip Hop Duo
11/10/16 Linking Oppression Dallas Goldtooth, Keep It In The Ground Campaign Organizer at Indigenous Environmental Network; Andre Perez, Specialization in Hawaiian Studies; Ibrahim Aoude (Middle East Studies), Noel Kent (American Ethnic Relations) and Teresa Hodges (African American Studies), Department of Ethnic Studies
11/09/16 Film and (Self) Representation in Oceania Moderator: Tasashi Nakamura, Panel Speakers: ʻAina Paikai, Justyn Ah Chong, Kapuaonaona Roback
11/07/16 Film and Community Documentation in Hawaiʻi and Asian America Tadashi Nakamura, Filmmaker
11/01/16 Serve the People: Making Asian America in the Long Sixties Karen Ishizuka, Film producer, Curator and Writer
10/14/16 The Latinos of Asia: How Filipino Americans Break the Rules of Race Anthony Ocampo, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Cal Poly Pomona
10/06/16 Navigating Private Prisons: Hawaiʻi's Movement Towards a More Equitable Justice System Robert Merce, Esq., Chair, HCR 85 Task Force; Justin Levinson, WSRSL; Meda Chesney-Lind, Department of Sociology and Women's Studies, UH Mānoa, Ernesto Ganaden, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa
09/30/16 Department of Ethnic Studies Open House Open discussion with Ethnic Studies faculty and majors
09/21/16 Fifteen Years After 9/11: How Have the U.S. and the World Changed Williamson B.C. Chang, William S. Richardson School of Law, Khara Jabola Caolus, Hawaiʻi Coalition for Immigrant Rights, Ibrahim Aoude and Noel Kent, Department of Ethnic Studies at UH Mānoa
09/15/16 Spel Oner Spel Oner, a graphic designer
09/08/17 - 09/10/17 Judy Rohrer Book Tour: Staking Claim Judy Rohrer, Writer
09/08/17 Shing02 Shing02, Artist
09/07/16 Partnership for Lands, Seas, and Skies: Conversations with Science, Tradition and the Sacred Symposium Luana Busby-Neff, Slava Cheltuyev, Buyanbadrakh Erdenetsogt, Patricia Gualinga, Guenther Hasinger, Hiʻilei Kawelo, Brendan Mackey, Danil Mamyev, Toby McLeod, Kalei Nuuhiwa, Mac Poepoe, Caleen Sisk and UHM Faculty: Hokulani Aikau, Rosie ʻAnolani Alegado, Maxine Burkett, Paul Coleman, Alan Friedlander, Ruth Gates, Vilsoni Hereniko, Alexander Mawyer, Davianna Pōmaikaʻi McGregor, Tamara Ticktin
09/06/16 Standing on Sacred Ground: Islands of Sanctuary Toby McLeod, Filmmaker and Kaliko Baker, Protect Kahoolawe ʻOhana
09/01/16 Forum with leaders from Okinawa Hiroshi Ashitomi, fisherman and movement leader for the Henoko struggle; Takuma Higashionna, Nago City Councilmemeber; Hideki Yoshikawa, International director of Save the Dugong Campaign Center, former Chief Executive Director of the Citizens' Network for Biodiversity in Okinawa.
04/26/16 African and Native American Contact: Evidence from a Smithsonian Exhibit Robert Keith Collins, Associate Professor of American Indian Studies in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University
04/28/16 A conversation on why Black Studies matters for Hawaiian Studies and Indigenous Studies Robert Collins, Chuck Lawrence, and Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua
04/06/16 Literacy Love D. Watkins, Lecturer, University of Baltimore, Founder of the BMORE Writers Project
03/16/16 Patrick Mureithi Patrick Mureithi, Motivational Speaker, Musician and Documentary Filmmaker
02/05/16 Oceanic Connections: Home-less, house-less, home-free, free ...? Exploring Oceanic Experiences and Perceptions of "Homelessness" in Hawaiʻi Open discussion homeless of Oceanic ancestry, those who work with homeless communities, and UH Mānoa faculty and students
02/03/16 Black Studies Matters Open discussion with the Ethnic Studies Student Association and Afrocentric Society of Hawaiʻi
01/17/16 Remembrance March to ʻIolani Palace Community Event
11/16/15 In Football We Trust / ʻAWAkea Brown Bag and Filmmaking Workshop Tony Vainuku and Erika Cohn, Directors of "In Football We Trust"
10/20/15 Pacific Currents Launch Party Paul Lyons, Ty Kāwika Tengan, Hokulani Aikau, Candace Fujikane, Noelle Kahanu, Brandy Nālani McDougall, Stanley Orr, Craig Perez, Joakim Peter
10/16/15 Department of Ethnic Studies Open House Open discussion with Ethnic Studies faculty and majors
04/02/15 Honouliuli Suzanne Falgout, Leilani Basham, Linda Nishigaya, Amy Nishimura & Gary Tsuru, University of Hawaiʻi, West Oahu
11/3/15 Te Reo Wainene o Tua (The Sweet Story of Yester-year) Tamati Waaka, Storyteller and Orator; Scotty Morrison, Storyteller; Stacey Morrison, Storyteller, TV and Radio Presenter; Hollie Tawhiao, Creative Director; Lee Timutimu, Director and Project Coordinator
03/05/15 Here we Stand: Community Resilience in Kaʻūpūlehu, Lessons for Climate Change Adaptation Heather McMillen, Postdoctoral Fellow, U.S. Forest Service/New York Ciy Parts Department
03/02/15 - 03/13/15 Honolulu Human Rights Film Festival Community Event
02/19/15 Landʻs End: Capitalist Relations on an Indigenous Frontier Tania Murray Li, Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto
02/19/17 The Dynamics of SNAP Participation During Periods of Macroeconomic Distress: From Stagflation and the Double Dip to the Great Recession Dr. Lloyd Grieger, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Global Affairs, Yale University
01/29/15 Cloaked in Life and Death: Tangi and Taonga in a Contemporary Māori Whānau Dr. Vincent Malcolm-Buchanan, FASS Research Associate, Anthropology Department, University of Waikato
01/15/15 Australia Trailing Behind on Native Title: A Critical Assessment of Consultation with Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders Laura Beacroft, Visiting Fellow, Australia National University, Canberra
12/03/14 Toward a Transpacific Politics and Poetics in Bambu's Musical Autobiography Dr. Roderick Labrador, Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa
11/23/14 OSNA Osna, Hawaiʻi-based DJ, Rapper, and Producer
11/23/14 Seph One Dr. Jeanne Batalova, Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute; Dr. Monisha Das Gupta, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies, UH Mānoa; Sue P. Haglund, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Political Science
11/20/14 My Bondage, My Freedom, Thinking Biopolitics Dr. Jack Taylor, Professor, English Department, UH Mānoa
11/13/14 Toxic Exposure: Philippine Environments and the Politics of Diaspora Giving Dr. Joyce Mariano, Professor, American Studies Department, UH Mānoa
10/31/14 Artist as Performer Shigeyuki Kihara, interdisciplinary artist
10/27/14 - 10/30/14 Our Theory of Change Nartive Hawaiian Student Services
10/28/14 Research With, For and About Asian American Students and Racism: Connecting Asian American Studies and Psychology Dr. Karen Suyemoto, Professor of Psychology and Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston
10/23/14 Delano Manongs: Forgotten Heroes of the United Farm Workers Film Screenings
10/10/14 ES ʻAWAkea Community Event with Ethnic Studies Faculty and Students
10/05/14 Book launch: A Nation Rising: Hawaiian Movements for Life, Land, and Sovereignty Book launch featuring Ethnic Studies Professors Ibrahim Aoude, Ulla Hasager, Daviana Pōmaikaʻi McGregor, and Ty P. Kāwika Tengan
09/30/14 From Race to Ethnicity in Japanese American Experiences in Hawaiʻi Dr. Jonathan Okamura, Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa
09/30/14 Sekou Heru and Marjory Smarth Sekou Heru and Marjory Smarth, dancers from Dance Fusion
09/19/14 ES Open House Community Event with Ethnic Studies Faculty and Students
09/16/14 Sustaining Our Islands: The Role of Sacred Places and Practices Dr. Toby McLeod, Filmmaker
09/10/14 Am I Black Enough For You? Dr. Anita Heiss, Advocate for indigenous education, Aboriginal Australians
08/05/14 Forbidden Citizens Martin Gold, Author and Attorney
05/06/14 2014 Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Colloquium Department of Ethnic Studies (UH Mānoa) Undergraduates
04/28/14 - 05/01/14 The Future of Hip Hop Summit Carolyn Malachi, Grammy-nominated artist; Matt Reeves, artist; Jermaine Fletcher and Jimmie Thomas, filmmakers and entrepreneurs
04/28/14 Carolyn Malachi, Matt Reeves, and Jermaine Fletcher Carolyn Malachi, Grammy-nominated artist; Matt Reeves, artist; Jermaine Fletcher, filmmaker and entrepreneur
04/27/14 Film Screening: The Targeted Village Community Event through The Center for Okinawan Studies
04/23/14 I.A. Jordan Salud a.k.a I.A., Hawaiʻi-based rapper
04/22/14 Hip Hop Culture: Africanist, Indigenous and Earth Aesthetics Dr. Masahide Kato, Lecturer, Departments of Ethnic Studies and Political Science, UH Mānoa
04/16/14 - 04/20/14 PACITA: Pacific Islanders in the Arts Featuring Work by Dan Taulapapa McMullin
04/14/14 The Sacred Man of War: Samuel T. Shinohara, the Treason Charge, and the U.S. Rule of Law in Guam Dr. Keith L. Camacho, Associate Professor of Pacific Islander Studies, Asian American Studies Department, UCLA
04/04/14 Social Media's Role in Propelling KPOP! Dr. Mary Yu Danico
04/04/14 Of the Law, but Not Its Spirit: Immigration Marriage Fraud as Legal Fiction Dr. Lee Ann Wang, Professor, Department of Women's Studies, UH Mānoa.
03/19/14 Jeff Bernat and JBird Jeff Bernat, singer/songwriter and JBird, producer
03/14/14 Making Sense of Micronesia: Cultural Changes Facing Migrant Communities Francis Hezel, SJ, New York's Fordham University
03/14/14 Race, Sexuality, and Asian American Studies Dr. Nayan Shah, Chair of American Studies and Ethnicity and Professor of History at University of Southern California
03/11/14 Upheaval in the Middle East: Imperialism, Terror and Revolution Dr. Ibrahim Aoude, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa; Nicole Grove, PhD Candidate, International Relations, Johns Hopkins University
03/04/14 Oceanic Connections Forum: Redefining Indigenous Pacific Relations Symposium with community members, educators and students
02/28/14 ES ʻAwakea Community Event with Ethnic Studies Faculty and Students
02/26/14 Aaron "Angry Woebots" Martin Aaron "Angry Woebots" Martin aka "Woes Martin, artist
02/24/14 Krystilez Krystilez, author, hip hop artist, radio DJ
02/19/14 Add+Plus Seph1 and PaizLee, artists
02/28/14 Locating the Asian in Pacific Islander: Japanese Settler Colonial Masculinity and Sexuality in Hawaiʻi Jeffrey T. Yamashita, PhD candidate in Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley
02/11/14 The Legacies of a Hawaiian Generation: From Territorial Subject to American Citizen Judith Schacter, Professor of Anthropology and History, Department of History, Carnegie Mellon University
01/24/14 ES ʻAwakea Dr. Everdina Fuli, Dr. Vili Nosa, and Dr. Jemaima Tiatia-Seath, University of Auckland
01/22/14 To Uplift Mana: International Indigenous Research Partnerships in the Pacific Te Whare Kura Thematic Research Initiative of the UoA
01/21/14 Polynesia is a Project, Not a Place: Regenerating Indigenous Futures Dr. Maile Arvin, Presidentʻs Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Art and Visual Culture at the University of California, Santa Cruz
01/17/14 ES Awakea Community Event with Ethnic Studies Faculty and Students
01/16/14 Department of Ethnic Studies Colloquium Series: The Indigenous World Christoffer Badse and Genevieve Rose, Danish Institute for Human Rights
11/13/13 ESSA Career Workshop Camille Cabalo, Donor Coordinator, Hawaiʻi Blood Bank; Marie Antonette Ramos, Program Specialist, Filipino Community Center; Thomas Tsutsumoto, Career Counselor, Mānoa Career Center; Brian Su-Jen Chung, Assistant Profesor, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa; Lee Ann Wang, Assistant Professor, Department of Womenʻs Studies, UH Mānoa
11/08/13 ES ʻAwakea and Inside the Ethnic Studies Studio Kore Ionz, Seattle reggae rockers
11/07/13 Kwalified Emcee Kwalified Emcee aka Kevin Richie, Jr.
11/05/13 Disentangling Diabetes: An anthropological exploration of understandings of type 2 diabetes among Native Hawaiians on Oʻahu Community Event
10/30/13 Songs of Labor, Love, and Lust: Japanese Immigrant Gender Relations in Hawaiʻi's Canefields Franklin Odo, Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa
10/18/13 ES ʻAwakea Community Event with Ethnic Studies Faculty and Students
09/27/13 Department of Ethnic Studies Open House Community Event with Ethnic Studies Faculty and Students
09/24/13 Seph One and Malaya LP Seph One and Malaya LP, Artists
09/24/13 Newcomers to the Aloha State: Challenges and Prospects for Mexicans in Hawaiʻi Dr. Jeanne Batalova, Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute; Dr. Monisha Das Gupta, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies, UH Mānoa;
08/29/13 College of Social Sciences: College Fair Open Event
04/12/13 Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Colloquium Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Students
04/10/13 Modern Living: Global Racism, Social Inequality, and the Representation of Freedom Elisa Joy White, Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa
04/04/13 - 04/06/13 Waves of Change: Climate Change in the Pacific Islands and Implications for Hawaiʻi Natural scientists, policymakers, academics, university students, and community members
03/22/13 Inside the Ethnic Studies Studio... Featuring The Bar (Prometheus Brown and Bambu) Prometheus Brown (aka Geologic of Blue Scholars) and Bambu, rappers from the Left Coast
02/25/13 Ethnic Studies: Talk Story Davianna McGregor, Ulla Hasager, Ibrahim Aoude, Department of Ethnic Studies, UH Mānoa; Caroline Torres
02/20/13 Civic Engagement and the Neoliberal University: Who's Watching the Chicken Coop? Dr. Stephen Philion, Associate Professor of Sociology, St. Cloud State University in Minnesota
02/15/13 Jesse Owens Laurens Grant, Producer of film "Jesse Owens"