Student Learning Outcomes

The following are the Department of Ethnic Studies Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

  • To demonstrate—through papers, exams, class discussions, service learning, et al.—a grasp of the core concepts in the ethnic studies field. This includes ethnic and racial group dynamics, histories and identities, as well as challenges facing indigenous peoples and minorities, inter-group conflicts, racism and discrimination.
  • To demonstrate—through class discussions, papers, exams service learning, et al.—the ability to make explicit connections between ethnicity/race and other aspects of social life (i.e. economy, politics, cultural values and gender relations).
  • To demonstrate an understanding—through class discussions, papers, exams, service learning, et. al.—of the unique history of Hawaiʻi’s multi-ethnic working people and the importance of social justice everywhere.
  • To demonstrate through the use of reading, writing and thinking skills the ability to critically analyze both historic and contemporary patterns and issues in multi-ethnic societies.
  • To demonstrate the ability to connect classroom ideas and knowledge to current events and processes in both Hawaiʻi’s communities and the world beyond.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of civic engagement and the skills involved in change-oriented democratic citizenship.